NPF Technique course / EPP3 / BCU 3Star

NPF Technique course / EPP3 / BCU 3Star

This course is 15 to 16 hours over 2 days.

Day 1; turnout 09:00 at Ørsvågvær Camping (signposted from E10, 2km west of Kabelvåg). We start the theory of seakayaking, weather and the coastal playground. Then we dress up for the challenge and go out kayaking. For the rest of the day, you develop your physical and mental relation to your body, blade and kayak. Doing everything you know offshore and then learn some more about bracing, edging, steering and surf. Rescue and self-rescue becomes a natural part of the day as you are approaching your personal skill levels all the time.

Day 2 begins with the update from yesterday and some new technical momentum before we start surfing and moving in the water part of the course.


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 Duration: 2 days (up to 16 hours)
 Requirement: Approved NPF basic wetcard
 Meetingpoint: 10.00 AM, Lofoten Aktiv AS base
 Evaluation: Spoken feedback up to 2017, then it becomes EPP exam.
 Price: NOK 2650,-

You bring your own food (hot) drink and extra clothing for the day, and we will find a suitable place to take lunch break.

You should have the following items with you when you are attending our courses:

  1. Extra change of warm clothes for the whole body
  2. Food for the day and drink (cold & hot drinks) NB bring a mug for the coffee/tea 
  3. A small bag or purse to have your stuff in the kayak's cargo hold.

Here is the layout of the course to NPF (Norwegian Canoe Association)

Main objective
The participants are introduced to the kayak and equipment. After completing this course the participant, have through practical exercises, learned to use the kayak with paddle, spraydeck and PFD. In addition, the participant is familiar with basic safety procedures and practices, as well as how to effectively manoeuvre the kayak.
Contents wind over 6 ms or 60cm waves or similar conditions

  • Effective paddling forwards and backwards and stop.
  • Lateral movement of the kayak.
  • bracing
  • Steering (rear), turn (Sweep stroke and steering)
  • Disembarkation, securing the kayak after disembarkation.
  • Rescues.
  • About general safety.

Requirements for participation: NPF WetCard Grunnkurs/EPP2/BCU2 star.